What are the artworks made of?
The artworks are made from mixed media — metal (MS/Aluminum), wood (MDF HDF), and resins.
How can I maintain the artwork?
All our artworks are coated with a protective clear coat. You can maintain your Earthen Symphony piece by simply dusting it with a static duster.
Can I use water to clean my artwork?
Yes, you can use a squeezed wet cloth to clean your artwork. However, please do not soak the artwork in water.
How do I install the artwork?
All the installation details are mentioned in the product delivery box.
Will the artwork be identical to what we see on screen?
As with any handmade product, there may be a slight variation (around 10%) in the final product when compared to the product's image on screen.
Can I use the artworks on an exterior wall?
All our artworks are only made for interior or sheltered spaces, unless specifically mentioned.
What would be the delivery date once I place my order?
The artwork is usually dispatched from our studio within four weeks from the date of the order. Please allow for additional transit time, which entirely depends on your location.
Will the silk fabric or the silk threads in the artwork become dirty over a period of time?
The raw silk material and silk threads are coated with protective 3M-Scotchguard (i.e. a protective film that makes it stain-and-waterproof). This ensures that the materials do not absorb environmental dust and moisture.
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